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Acoustic underlayment, SAI UNL

SAI - Super Acoustics Insulation . Seal the noise....

Flooring underlayment —the layer between the floor covering and the subfloor— adds value to commercial flooring systems in many ways. Underlay provides the cushion needed to reduce foot fatigue, the dimension stability needed to install flooring over minor subfloor imperfections and, in many cases, the high R-value necessary to contribute to a building’s thermal insulation.

But perhaps the most important design challenge underlayment solves is reducing the transmission of sound throughout a building. Architects and designers often use underlayment designed to dampen sounds —called acoustic underlayment— alongside acoustic ceiling and wall assemblies to soundproof buildings.

Super Acoustics Insulation [SAI] is the acoustics specialty division of the RNS group with a presence across the Middle East, South Asia, and North America. SAI manufactures world-class concrete underlayment products for the construction industry.

Our products are rigorously tested in accordance with international standards thus assuring the highest level in quality and performance.

At SAI, we believe in the fundamentals of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Our eco-friendly products are made from recycled rubber at our state of the art with our manufacturing facilities in the United Arab Emirates.

With a heavy focus on research and new product development, SAI invests heavily in people, processes and newer technologies in manufacturing.

Our multi-disciplined team understands the complex nature of many of our client’s acoustical problems. Our engineering services are built on over 15 years of the collective experience and the expertise to develop the best solutions for the engineering challenges at hand.

SAI-UNL is a robust and high performing acoustic underlay product which reduces the transmission of sound generated due to footfall, speech and structural bourne sound. It is ideal for concrete floor constructions which consists of tiles, wood, screed and gypsum. SAI-UNL underlayment system acts as a de-coupler which breaks the transmission of sound waves through the floor-ceiling assembly. Rigorous testing on SAI UNL has shown outstanding sound attenuation with various construction assemblies and floor coverings.

The selection of flooring accessories —including underlayment’s, transition strips and adhesives— is almost always secondary to the selection of the flooring product itself. You wouldn’t, for instance, choose an acoustic underlayment and work backward from there.


  • Eco-friendly rubber underlay produced using recycled rubber

  • Limits the transmission of air bourne and structural bourne sound

  • No breakage or movement when under load

  • Rigorously tested to the ASTM standards [A1073/A1073M-17, D1622-20, D412-16]

  • Manufactured in UAE and distributed globally


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