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Know All About Firestopping Services & Their Usage

Is safety the major concern for you in your building? Do you wish to have the best solution for fire protection? If yes, then firestopping services will definitely help you out. We, at Rise & Shine are aimed at delivering the best firestop services across India & Middle East and are among the top-rated firestop contractors.....


Firestopping solutions are used, in combination with a various range of materials and components, to seal joints, openings and penetrations in fire rated resistance walls, or floor systems. Firestops are implemented to restore the fire resistance rating and maintain the fire resistance qualities of such passive fire protection systems, reducing the spread of fire and filling the penetrations with fire resistant methods and products.

Unprotected fire separations defuse the functionality and resistance rating of a passive fire protection. What to look for:

  • Electrical through-penetrations

  • Mechanical through-penetrations

  • Structural through-penetrations

Firestop systems

  • Firestop block and plug – designed for retrofitted cables.

  • Firestop foam – seal pipe and cable penetrations, from small to medium sized applications.

  • Firestop cast-in and sleeve – specially designed for pipe penetrations through fire-rated floors.

  • Firestop collars, wraps and bandages – protect all of your piping penetrations

  • Firestop sealants & sprays – firestopping solutions for walls and joints between floors and walls.

  • Firestop cable protection – cable protection to reduce flame damage.

  • Firestop coatings systems, cushions and mortars – combustible and non- combustible pipe and insulation materials, to firestop penetration seals.

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